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Craniosacral therapy is increasingly popular as a pain treatment. It releases tension deep inside the body with only the gentlest of touches. You can feel relief quickly in the capable hands of our certified massage therapists, specially chosen for dedication to your health.

Powerful medical benefits

Relax in a serene environment designed to help you heal

  • Enjoy effective pain relief

  • Improve dysfunction in the body

  • Experience full body improvement

  • Bolster your immune system

  • Ease your tension

  • 1 hour massage: $90

  • 90 minute massage: $140

With a monthly massage membership you can receive 20% off your craniosacral therapy.

Improve your health with a light touch

Visit us for competitive prices on skilled massage services that are tailored to your unique situation and interests. You can get most treatments from our team of mixed modality specialists.

craniosacral therapy craniosacral therapy