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Your body goes through incredible changes when you're pregnant. Restore balance and find comfort with a gentle pregnancy massage. You and your child will both enjoy the peace and soothing experience throughout your pregnancy.

Some of the many benefits of prenatal massage:

Sleep better after your massage session

  • Stabilizes hormones

  • Relieves joint swelling

  • Helps with back pain and soreness

  • Reduces nerve pain and discomfort

  • Eases the effects of edema swelling

  • Increases oxygenation throughout the body

  • 1 hour massage: $80

  • 90 minute massage: $130

For every 4 massages you get, you'll be rewarded with a FREE massage.

Begin bonding before birth with pregnancy massage

Enjoy expert care from certified professionals skilled in many kinds of massage therapy.

You can get as many massages as you need to help you through your pregnancy. With one of our monthly memberships, you'll enjoy a 20% discount on your pregnancy massage and all our specialty massages.

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