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Swedish massage is a relaxing medical treatment that uses long, flowing strokes to gently ease the stiffness and aches from your body. It can be used to treat many conditions, including arthritis and difficulty with mobility.

Feel relieved when you leave your Swedish massage

You deserve to be comfortable and healthy

  • Increases blood flow and lymph system circulation

  • Helps detoxify your system

  • Reduce recovery time after strains

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Promotes mental health, relieving anxiety and depression

  • Treats joint and tissue issues

  • 1 hour massage: $75

  • 90 minute massage: $110

Get 4 massages and the 5th one is completely free.

Rejuvenating massage can work away any stress

Our therapists love the work that they do and focus on making sure each client progresses and achieve their health goals.

Treat yourself to good health with one of our massage memberships: for just $50, you get to enjoy a 1 hour Swedish massage for FREE.

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